Nkechi Taifa, Esq.

Black Power, Black Lawyer: My Audacious Quest for Justice
Memoir of Nkechi Taifa

​Can you confront the injustice and hypocrisies of society and still survive it? Can you be a "Woke Black Girl Magic Superwoman" and still have personal frailties? Can you challenge the dominant culture while remaining true to your political and spiritual beliefs, don an African name, keep your hair in its natural state, maintain a quality family life, and still kick ass?

Black Power, Black Lawyer describes the rebellious journey of a young woman coming of age during the Black Power era and the social justice lawyer she becomes.

Praise for Shining Legacy from
Sterling Brown, Poet Laureate, Professor Emeritus, Howard University (1983)
"Nkechi Taifa correctly perceives a great need for role models for Afro-American youth.  Her book, Shining Legacy, commendably attempts to fulfil that need.  In well-reserached poems and tales, in clear and idiomatic language, she has celebrated role models ranging from Toussaint L'Ouverture to Paul Robeson, from Harriet Tubman to Fannie Lou Hamer. Aimed at a young audience, it still could benefit older readers." 

Praise for Shining Legacy from
Haki Madhubuti, author, publisher - Third World Press (1983)
"Sister Nkechi has rendered us an excellent service by producing this valuable book for our children.  During my many years of publishing, I've come across few books that speak to the needed roots of our people.  These storypoems and tales are a necessity for those young people who are seriously trying to locate an anchor for their tomorrows."

Praise for Shining Legacy from
JawanzaKunjufu, author of Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys;
Developing Positive Self Images and Discipline in Black Children
"I have observed in my workshops, many well-intentioned teachers and parents, expose their children to Black History during the month of February ...Nkechi Taifa understands that the past should be connected to the present and futures.  Shining Legacy is both informative and inspirational, and successfully attempts to answer how a people went from pyramids to projects, and how our 'Shining Legacy' can be restored."

Three Tales of Wisdom
- Listen to the tale of how Anansi's magic helps Ayana get to the Harvest Festival, despite the fact that her two sisters fail to follow the Seven Principles of the value system...

​- Hear the tale of how a young brother growing up in New York City learns the story of the mighty Marcus Garvey...

JABARI'S JOURNEY - Experience the tale of Jabari's Journey and discover how he finds wisdom through his encounters with spiders, lions, warriors, elephants, cockroaches, camels, and birds...

​A potpourri of African Proverbs provide food for wise thought and action...

Adventures of Kojo and Ama

The Adventures of Kojo and Ama is a storybook primer featuring seven adventures combining excitement, fun and suspense with lessons in pride and heritage. The heroic black cat Sheba brings the two children good luck as they find themselves in settings ranging from an inner-city park to the deep South, and from the island of Jamaica to ancient Egypt. The Adventures of Kojo and Ama was first published in 1992 and is now available as audiobook. 


Shining Legacy 

Nkechi Taifa's classic, award-winning book Shining Legacy, was first published in 1983. She combines  her extraordinary and original storytelling through epic, ballad, legend and saga, celebrating glorious heroes, heroines  and events of the past.  Shining Legacy  has received praise from Sterling Brown (former Poet Laureate & Professor Emeritus, Howard University); Haki Madhubuti (author & publisher, Third World Press); and Jawanza Kunjufu (author of Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys).                      

Nkechi Taifa's extraordinary and original storytelling celebrates history, heroes and heroines of the past through dramatic epic, ballad, legend and saga, all accentuated with moving and rhythmic rhyme. Role models range from Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer and Sojourner Truth, to Malcolm X, Denmark Vesey, Toussaint L'Ouverture, and Marcus Garvey. Shining Legacy is perfect for the young and elder alike, in both family and classroom settings.


Classics by Nkechi Taifa - [check for current availability - books in process of being updated]

Sister Nkechi Taifa is the published author of several books for youth, Shining Legacy, The Adventures of Kojo and Ama, and Three Tales of Wisdom.  These books are treasured classics, written nearly 40 years ago, and still very relevant today. Bear with us as they are digitalized.

The Author...

The Adventures of Kojo and Ama contents:

  • Sheba the Cat
  • The Man with the Red, Black & Green Cap
  • Kings and Queens of the Nile
  • Fun in the Sun
  • Danger in the Park After Dark
  • Smoke and Flames
  • Save the Land


Nkechi Taifa performed her original work, "While Malcolm Preached, Trane Played," with the award-winning group, BlackNotes. Taifa's creativity was accented with BlackNotes' trademark "Swarm" style (Spoken Word, African Rhythms, Medodies) which "uses skillful wordplay and soulful singing to deliver poetic, insightful and uplifting messages emanating from the African-American experience, creatively combined with dynamic musical instrumentation, including spicy West African drumming, to provide high-level entertainment." "While Malcolm Preached, Trane Played," features Taifa's spoken word, along with the soulful sounds of Ayanna Gregory, Free Benjamin, Aisha Jackson, with saxophonist Kamau Lumumba & others, all brought together by BlackNotes' creative genius, Lasana Mack. Contact us to request order information for "While Malcolm Preached, Trane Played." 
"Looking Back to Soar Forward!"
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​​The fabled Sankofa bird moves forward
while looking backwards, symbolizing the
significance of empowering the future by summoning the strengths of the past...

     Shining Legacy Contents:

  • The Prophecy of the Coming of the Pale Face
  • Cinque and the Amistad
  • The Saga of Toussaint L'Ouverture
  • The Legend of Denmark Vesey
  • Sojourner's Truth
  • Harriet Tubman was Strong, She Never Went Wrong
  • The Mighty Marcus Garvey
  • Paul Robeson - A Celebration
  • Her Name Was Fannie Lou Hamer
  • The Ballad of Rosa Parks
  • John Coltrane Played All That Jazz
  • The Saga of Malcolm X